Our leading Fueltronicâ„¢ system integrates all main fuelling vehicle functions into one unit, including live interlock status to give you ultimate control and reassurance.

A complete systems overview

Fueltronic™ controls and displays the status of all the lights, sounders, interlocks, solenoids and switches on our refuelling vehicles, allowing you to handle everything from one unit. Get a clear picture of the pre-fuelling status of the vehicle with comprehensive displays, including the air pressure, fuelling meter, recovery tank and more. 

Testing and diagnostics

Fueltronic™ comes with a test page that shows the status of the lights and sounders, solenoids and switches as standard, with a fault-finder that identifies possible problems. In our premium versions, the operator can remotely access and download any information recorded on the Fueltronic™ Data Logger. Technicians can also log in remotely to diagnose any faults, enabling a quicker and smoother return to normal operations.

Bonding reel calibrator

To ensure the resistance in the reel is at a safe level, a manual continuity check has to be performed weekly. With the Bonding Reel Calibrator feature, Fueltronic™ displays a constant live reading of the resistance of each bonding reel installed.

Adjustable speed limit

With an adjustable speed limiter, you can allow the vehicle to go no more than 20km/h (or any requested value) when the limiter is on. Alternatively, you can set the maximum speed restriction as required by airport or operational regulations.

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