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Filter Monitor Specification Withdrawal

In 2017, SAP-based Filter Monitor Filtration methods were identified as a potential risk to flight safety.

In response to this, JIG (Joint Inspection Group) set up a Joint Industry Field Trial programme to establish alternative filtration technology through operational trials. Read more about the trials on the JIG website.

JIG have confirmed that as of July 2023, the EI1583 specification will no longer be referenced as qualified Filter Monitors and shall be replaced with other suitable technologies.

At the Fluid Transfer Group, we can offer you two alternative options to ensure that your vehicles remain compliant with regulations:

  1. Installation of Faudi AF-Guard Electronic Water Detection System (EWS) operating in conjunction with Dirt Defence filter elements.
  2. Replacement of existing Filter Water Monitor vessels with Filter Water Separator methods.

These changes will be permanently implemented in 2023 but we recommend that if you have any concerns, please get in touch. We can then discuss your requirements and recommend any changes as well as providing you with a quote and a timescale for the work to be carried out. 

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