Fluid Transfer

Founded in 1967 as Fluid Transfer International, Fluid Transfer has been supplying world-class refuelling solutions ever since. Our state of the art refuelling solutions are used by aviation, marine and military organisations around the globe.

We build a variety of refuellers, which can vary in capacity for any application – ranging from 5,000 litres for general aviation purposes up to 65,000 litre high flow units with elevating platforms, ideal for refuelling the latest wide body passenger and cargo aircraft such as the A380 and Boeing B777-X.

Hydrant dispensers

Fluid Transfer’s hydrant dispenser vehicles offer superb flexibility and are capable of refuelling aircraft of all sizes – ranging from small regional jets to the largest commercial airliners.

Rigid refuellers

Ideal for airports without a hydrant system, rigid refuellers are suitable for both underwing and overwing refuelling and can be equipped with a range of options.

Articulated refuellers

High-capacity articulated refuellers are robust enough for large commercial aircraft and can be equipped with or without elevating platforms.

Servicing and spares

We offer both back-to-base and field repairs for any type of refuelling vehicle, as well as a robust array of spares and replacement parts to keep your vehicles working at full efficiency. 

We also provide regular maintenance contracts, including periodic checking of all essential equipment such as hose end pressure control couplings, hoses, filtration and meter calibration. For further information, contact our team.

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